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The Mystery Of Planet Nibiru Explained From The Most Ancient Texts


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Understanding Planet Nibiru - What You've Never Heard Before

Hello and thank you for visiting our website. This website is dedicated to the research of Dr. Scott McQuate in regards to Planet Nibiru and related topics. Dr. McQuate is an author, lecturer and exegete (he uncovers what's been concealed beneath ancient texts, including the Bible) and he has been the featured guest on dozens of radio shows around the world. His research delves into the Sumerian, Biblical and other ancient texts beneath which, as a fact, have been hidden most of the answers to humanity's deepest questions

Dr. McQuate is an intrepid researcher and digs far below the surface to uncover things that 99.9% of all researchers, pastors, theologians and scholars gloss over, because they do not know many of the right clues to look for; which, according to Dr. McQuate, just happen to be the most important. It has even been stated many times, that Dr. McQuate's research goes far beyond that of the famous Zechariah Sitchin's; and as you'll soon learn, the findings from his research about the planet Nibiru and many other topics, are simply not available anywhere else. If you have an interest, you can learn how to find these answers and what to look for yourself, at Dr. McQuate's private learning network that he has created for that purpose by going to

Planet X 2012 - Unraveling The Mystery - What Is Planet Nibiru (Der Planet Nibiru)? 

There is an ancient mystery surrounding Planet Nibiru or Planet X and a widespread interest in the whole 2012 end of the world phenomena, both of which Dr. McQuate's research will help you understand. Planet X or Nibiru has captivated the masses, however most of what is found in the popular media and on the Internet is full of half-truths, propaganda, disinformation and blatant lies, such as the information you may have heard about Planet X Nasa has put out. To put it lightly, the words Nibiru, Nasa, and Government do not mix. Dr. McQuate states adamantly, that after more than a decade of research, that there is definitely a Planet X Nibiru conspiracy to keep the truth about the Annunaki and this planet from being known...But now you can know the truth, from the most ancient texts, for the first time ever.

Enjoy the video and purchase the video, ebook or paperbound version and please don't forget what you learn; and we hope to see you at

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If you would like to learn more and be taught one-on-one by Dr. McQuate you can also go to his private learning network at

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Planet Nibiru What You've Never Heard Before With Dr. Scott McQuate




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"Dr. McQuate is brilliant and his research is truly unrivaled. I've researched Nibiru and related 'end-time' events for years, but have never found anything as eye-opening as what he teaches. It's incredible.'

  - John B., Inner Circle Member

"I've heard a lot of teachings from various pastors and professors, but Dr. McQuate never fails to thoroughly 'wow' me with his research." 

- Bill S., Inner Circle Member

"If you're wondering whether or not to join Dr. McQuate's Inner Circle, I can tell you, STOP WONDERING! I'm 68 years old, have heard all kinds of speakers and I can tell you that you won't regret it for a second. You'll learn things that you just can't find anywhere else." 

- Emily C, Inner Circle Member

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